To my beloved family and friends,
First & foremost, let me tell you that I love you so very much.  
    I understand that this must be an incredibly difficult time for you, & possibly a very confusing one as well... so I will take some time to explain what happened to us, the ones that were taken.
6000 years ago, our Father in heaven created this once beautiful earth, it was perfect in every way, from the oceans, rivers and lakes, the sun, moon and stars, & all the living creatures that filled the earth, including all human beings. We were made from the dust of the earth and have life through the very breath of God.  Unfortunately, sin entered this world very quickly, in the form of disobedience, & rebellion against our loving Father & Creator God. Thus started the long and painful road away from Him.  
    We, as humans, have always struggled with sin, especially pride, & it is this pride that has lead us to believe in our own power & to turn to false idols, such as money & lust to find comfort and happiness.
Our Father destroyed the earth once by a global flood due to the catastrophies of our sinful, wicked nature, evil thoughts & deeds, particularly ones of a sexual nature. 
The time is coming very soon again, where God shall destroy the earth. This time, it shall be with fire, to totally purify & cleanse it of ALL evil and wickedness. 
    My beloved family & friends, those of us who have disappeared, have been received into the Father's house (heaven), where Jesus has been preparing a place for us since He ascended after His death on the cross.  We shall be kept safe here while the tribulation takes place on the earth, which is about to start shortly.  It breaks my heart to have to write this, but the truth is absolutely necessary, if you want to have the opportunity to join us, & never again be separated from our Father.
    The coming times shall be extremely hard, for it is written in the word of God (The Bible), that it will be the very worst time in history, with a time never like it before, or ever again. You will have to suffer through some very trying things, & possibly have to give your life for believing in Jesus & His Father. Be ABSOLUTELY ASSURED, if you give your life for your belief in Jesus, then you shall be welcomed into the kingdom with the highest praise, & the most incredible gift of forever living in the very temple of God.  
    Believe my words beloved, for you know that when we were on earth, we told you of these things.  All of us have been excitedly waiting for the blessed hope, known as the RAPTURE to occur. Because we believed & received this gift, & tried to tell as many as we could to accept this beautiful gift, we were chosen, & taken out of this world, to meet the Lord in the air to be with Him forevermore & to be protected during the terrible time to come.
The time you shall endure these things has already been shortened because of God's great mercy & love for you.  He WILL provide for you all you need spiritually to get through this time, even if that means giving your life for Him. He will be there, right beside you.
    Always remember beloved, you have one more chance to enter into eternity, and re-unite with us that left the earth, but it will be tough & the trials will be exhausting. DON’T GIVE UP....HOLD ONTO JESUS....PRAY CONTINUOUSLY  & DON’T TURN TO THE TEACHINGS OF ANY MAN ON EARTH. There will come a lot of people claiming to be Christ, in order to save you....BELIEVE IT NOT !!!
    So now I will try and share with you what is about to take place, what NOT to do & what to do immediately after reading this letter.

  • The governments of the world will try & explain away the REAL REASON we disappeared & possibly say it was an alien invasion, or something to that effect, believe it not! They will sound very convincing.In a world full of chaos, people will cling to ANYONE or ANYTHING that provides an ‘answer’.
  • Jesus came to this earth over 2000 years ago & He died for each and everyone of our sins. He took ALL of this onto Himself & all we had to do to receive that gift, was receive, believe & repent (turn away from our sins).  Unfortunately, many did not accept this free gift & now the only way to heaven is through your martyrdom for your belief in Jesus.
  • On this earth, we had the gift of the Holy Spirit, which was given to us as a comforter. Many people rejected this comfort & sinned against what most would call “their conscience”; i.e., you know that voice inside your head & heart that said not to do something, but you did it anyway?  Unfortunately, now the Holy Spirit has been taken back home with us, & you must fight & fend for yourself & your family.  And because the Holy Spirit was taken, the book of Matthew reveals that ‘the Son of Perdition’ (the anti-Christ) will be able to surface & to be revealed to the world. You must look out for this man, for he will promise peace & security, and will also help bring in a global ‘religion’ which will NOT worship God. Rather, the whole world will worship this beast and marvel at how ‘wonderful’ this man appears to be. DON’T BE FOOLED! HE IS EVIL & FROM THE VERY PIT OF HELL !!!
  • There will come a treaty, or a pact, that will be made, which on the surface will sound wonderful, but He will break that treaty half way through & reveal His true self & intentions.
  • There will be incredible global earthquakes, for it is God's wrath being filled to the brim with all the blood of the innocent children of God that were aborted, abused or killed, & for all the wickedness that went on behind closed doors for 6000 years (which the earth became a witness to).
  • There will come a 5 month period of plagues & horrors, many people will try & kill themselves, but they will not be able escape by death. There will also be a disease that will cause horrible sores upon people. 
  • There will be great evil & coldness in the world and many will be killed.
  • There will a chip of some sort that they will offer you to be implanted into your right hand or forehead, so that you might buy & sell (like a credit card).  Without it, you can not buy food, water, clothing etc…DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TAKE THIS MARK!!! YOU WILL DOOM YOURSELF TO HELL... FOR IT WILL ALTER YOUR DNA  & THERE WILL BE NO MORE HOPE FOR YOU. The good Lord will help you through this time, but I highly suggest you try & relocate to some  thickly covered forested area.  Many Christians throughout the centuries have been cared for in caves, mountains etc, & God will provide for you there, but you must call on HIM and have nothing to do with the New World Order that will be formed in the governments. If you can not leave, stock pile as much non-perishable food & water as physically & financially possible. I am not sure how long cash will be accepted, or whether there will be a complete & immediate shut down of all banks, atms etc, so do this before anything else. Consider bartering goods & any of your abilities to obtain some needs. At all times, don't forget to pray to The Lord for your help & protection. If you have a Bible, try & commit to memory as many Scriptures as you can. These will help sustain you in times when needed.
  • Remember Jesus, Himself quoted His own Words to satan during His Trials: Deuteronomy 8:3, Matthew & Luke 4:4--"Man does not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God." 
  • There will be great signs & wonders produced in the skies. Some will be judgements from God & others will be  there to deceive people into believing in this beast person is some type of god. He will also have help by a false prophet, more than likely the Pope, for the Bible says they will work together to deceive many. Additionally, they will be what appears to be an alien creature or numerous alien creatures posing as extra-terrestrials. They may even be introduced & sanctioned by The Vatican. Don't fall for this deception. There is documented proof of demons posing as aliens & they are part of the 'Fallen Angels' scheme to deceive mankind. They have the ability to change shape & have , for centuries, continued to create many kinds of animal/human mutations. They have been working with the 'Illuminati,  & evil governments to eliminate mankind.   
  • The anti-Christ will also receive a deadly head wound & he will be ‘magically healed’ in front of many people, & then he will receive worship and admiration from most of the world.......THIS IS ALL A DANGEROUS DECEPTION, BELIEVE IT NOT!!!! ..... THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD IN HEAVEN, AND HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON JESUS CHRIST !
  • There shall come two men from God, called the TWO WITNESSES. They shall preach to the whole world about the truth of God & they will be hated by many people. Satan shall kill these 2 men after a time, and leave their bodies in the street for every eye to see. After 3 & a half days they will be resurrected and God will call them back up to heaven. Listen to these men because any one who comes against them will be devoured by the fire coming out of their mouths.
  • It now becomes your responsibility to warn others of the great deception & to believe on our Father in Heaven & His Son, Yeshua (Jesus); even if it means you having to die for Him. This will save you & we will see each other again soon; this is an absolute promise. 

    I am deeply sorry that I had to write this letter, but I would rather you know the truth & what to do to be saved.  May our almighty Father in Heaven & His Son Jesus, protect, guide & keep you in these trying times ahead. I pray with every ounce of my soul, that you remain strong & in the complete love of Christ.

Love eternally,